Portland Japanese Garden (campaigns)

BRIEF #1 Materials created for the Garden's 'Cultural Crossing' campaign. The goal was to raise funds for, and tell the story about the planned construction and architectural additions. The campaign successfully raised millions and the transformation began in September 2015. BRIEF #2 Materials created for the Garden's 'Golden Crane Society' campaign. This is the highest tier of esteemed financial supporters of the Garden. MY PART I designed all materials for both campaigns - with guidance from a senior art director, who designed both campaign logotypes. TARGET MARKET - Members of the Garden. - Local donors who support Portland arts and gardens. - Corporate donors. - International Japanese Garden supporters. BRAND CULTURE - Advancement of the arts. - Refined and modern. - Japanese-inspired.

1. Cultural Crossing Campaign
Letterhead with Envelope, Invitation Notecard, and Postcard
Banner Notice on Homepage of Website and Email Announcement
On-Site Announcement Poster
2. Golden Crane Campaign
Letterhead, Membership Cards, Invitation and Legacy Insert
Roll Fold Brochure
Four-panel, roll fold, print brochure
Email Invitation to Member Event
Event Signage

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